Technical description of the building

Summer House Building Complex

The total area of the Summer House building complex is 3944 m2. The complex consists of two three-storey buildings, the Marine building (located along the Dzintaru Prospectus) and the Forest building (located along Drustu Street near the pine forest). 26 premises with a total area of 14.8 m2 to 47.1 m2 are available in the Marine building, 27 premises with a total area of 15.8 m2 to 202.9 m2 in the Forest building.


A new parking lot with black concrete cobblestone has been built for 24 cars. One part of the parking lot is located on Drustu Street, another in the courtyard overlooking the forest. There are driveways and pedestrian sidewalks made of concrete cobblestone of various tonality.
There is a pine forest nearby to which a fence will be created.
The territory is greened (lawn and plants).

Part of the structure

The whole complex has been renovated. The building complex combines quality and harmonious visual appearance.
The foundations of complex buildings — a reinforced monolithic concrete slab under each building. The structure of the building is designed from red and yellow bricks.
All load-bearing walls are from red and yellow bricks. Wall thickness can reach up to 60cm in some places. The outer walls are additionally insulated with 150 mm stone wool that guarantees additional heat insulation and provides sound insulation and protects against humidity.
Facade with decorative finish in Scandinavian restrained gray tone and complemented by a black ventilated facade.
The thickness of a monolithic iron-concrete slab of an intermediate-floor division is approximately 35 cm, which gives exceptional sound insulation and load-bearing capacity. Ceiling height is 3 meters.
Roof covering has been restored for each building. For one building it is tin, and for the other it is roll material of bituminous mastics.
Each building has its own rainwater drainage system. The Forest building has internal, but the Marine - external.
The buildings have no basement floor.


Some of the premises on the first floor have a front-yard covered with grass. The range of patio area is from 3 to 52 m2 and the whole area is intended for use by the owners of the premises.


The Forest building premises on the second and third floors have spacious loggias of 7 m2. Premises starting from 50 m2 have both a loggia of 7 m2 and a small balcony of 2 m2. All loggias and balconies have marble floors and painted metal railings with tinted polycarbonate elements.


Some first floor premises have terraces of 12m2. The terrace has a flowerbed of 3m2 with greenery.

Entrance parts

Aluminum double doors with transparent glazing, entrance with code and chip system.


The Marine building has two staircases and its own entrance to each staircase. The staircase railings are handmade by a metal artist. The floor is covered with black epoxy.
In the Forest building, one staircase is designed with very extravagant wooden railings and marble floor.

Partition walls

Partition walls - brick (red, yellow). The function of the partition walls is performed by a sound-insulated dry plaster sheet structure.


Concrete floor thickness of ~ 350 mm which guarantees exceptional sound insulation.


PVC windows are selected in the buildings. Window profiles (Wital 7000 Prestige) inside the apartments are in white, outside in anthracite gray and white, to ensure a uniform visual appearance of each building's facade. The windows provide excellent light permeability while maintaining heat and providing sound insulation. Wittal profiles have significant protection against exposure to sunlight, temperature change and other external factors.

Water supply

The building is connected to an external water supply network.
A verified cold water consumption meter is installed. There is a special room for each real estate for both the cold water meter and the hot water meter. All water pipes are from plastic with the necessary insulation.
Hot water is supplied from a gas heating boiler located in its boiler house in the building's inner yard. Hot water circulation is provided in the building.


Central sewerage system, the building is connected to the external city sewerage network.


Gas heating boiler is installed, which provides heat supply to the building. The built system allows you to record the heat consumption of each property. Each real estate owner has the possibility to install a digital heat recording system by which the building manager can automatically read the meter readings. Radiators are installed in all premises with the possibility of connecting temperature regulators.

Electricity supply

20A is available for each property. Each customer has the possibility to enter into an electricity supply contract with any electricity supplier.
Each apartment will have its own electricity consumption meter, which will be located in the switch cabinet.


Each building is provided with services provided by Lattelecom/Tet (optical cable: Internet, telephone, TV).


Special attention has been paid to the exchange of high-quality air indoors. Ventilation is centralized with an outlet in each property's sanitary unit and kitchen. A simple but efficient design ensures that clean, filtered air flows into premises, and prevents dust and other air pollution from entering the premises.


A motion-responsive sensor lighting system that saves power.

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