Profit making property

Return on rental from 8.8% per annum

Profit-making property – your contribution for the future with which you can start earning today.

Real-estate investment is one of the most popular types of investment. Investment in real estate (residential and non-residential) has historically been the most secure investment. It is the part of the real estate on the basis of which possibly one of the most protected forms of business has been constructed – namely a business based on renting out real estate.

Investing money in real estate is a great opportunity to generate stable monthly returns in the long run. With this type of investment you can start at any age, because everyone needs additional income.

Profitable real estate in Latvia in the residential and non-residential sector starts from 5-8% a year. Project Summer House offers to buy properties with a yield ratio of 8.8% a year, which is relatively high.

There are a number of reasons why this is one of the best types of investment:

  • Anyone can invest in real estate, so you can get additional monthly funds. This type of investment brings a quite high return because real estate will always have high value.
  • Safe – as proven, real estate has great value at all times, so it will always be easy to resell. A huge advantage of a profitable property is that the money invested will not be subject to inflation, nor will it be subject to high taxes and, above all, it will make permanent and guaranteed profits.
  • You can do business from a distance – even if you have decided to move abroad, you will still be able to continue to receive money coming from tenants.

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Apartament No. Marine Corps Number of rooms The total area (m2) Price (EUR) Summer rent 3 months (EUR) Rent remaining 9 months (EUR) Rent per year (EUR) Return % per year
1 1 32 69'900.00 6'000.00 3'150.00 9'150.00 13,09
17 2
99'900.00 6'000.00 3'150.00 9'150.00 9,16





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