Modern design

Scandinavian neutral, modern solutions, attractive planning.

The interior and layout of buildings in the project is based on the functional aspects of a modern lifestyle — natural elements combined with high-quality finishing materials that create a unique atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

During the renovation of the project, the parts that give the project its special charm were preserved – marble staircase in bright tones, romantic balconies in which to enjoy the fresh air of Jurmala, a vast inter-floor staircase with railings that are handmade by a metal artist.

The project allows you to purchase compact and well thought out rooms with varying levels of finishing.

The customer can purchase rooms with gray finishing and build the interior at their own discretion.

We also offer to use services of our talented interior designers, who will find the best solutions in the layout of rooms, design and functionality. Interesting solutions and unexpected combinations will give a new breath to a simple style.

High ceilings (3 m) allow you to create interesting solutions in the rooms and gives extra space. The rooms are ergonomically designed and have no unnecessary m2.

In the project you can purchase homes with complete finishing, furniture and full assembly – come and live!

Fully furnished homes have functional solutions designed to maximize the use of space. High-quality finishing materials, high-quality plumbing and built-in furniture are used in the finishing. The finishing materials have light, calm tones, which make the rooms visually wider and enjoyable to stay in.

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